How to Cite the Training Grant &

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How To Cite the Training Grant
According to the NIH Guidelines on Publications & Citations, recipients of fellowships are required to list them under Acknowledgements in any publication they participated in while receiving support. This includes PublicationsPowerPoint PresentationsPostersBook Chapters etc., and of course, your thesis.

Please use the verbiage as posted below:

If you are receiving an NIH fellowship, for each publication that results from NIH grant-supported research, grantees must include an acknowledgement of NIH grant support and a disclaimer stating the following:

  • "This publication was made possible by Grant Number T32-GM008799 from NIH-NIGMS" or "The project described was supported by Grant Number T32-GM008799 from NIGMS-NIH" and "Its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the NIGMS or NIH."

If you are receiving an Industry/Campus fellowship:

  • This research was partially supported by an industry/campus supported fellowship under the Training Program in Biomolecular Technology (T32-GM008799) at the University of California, Davis.


    Creating Your My NCBI Library

    A powerful tool for any researcher is My NCBI which helps to provide customized database preferences for searches and saves/maintains your citations andpeer reviewed articles compliant with the NIH Public Access Policy.

    To begin using My NCBI, your web browser must be set to accept cookies and pop-ups from NCBI's web pages. To register with My NCBI, go to the NCBI link provided HERE.

    Once you have registered for an NCBI account, you can sign in with Google, NIH, eRA Commons or directly at the link listed above.

    A handy You Tube video that gives you a nice tour of the My NCBI home page is HERE.

    All NIH fellows must have their publications included in the yearly NIH Progress Report using the My NCBI tool that links directly to the report. Contact the grant administrator (Marianne Hunter, with your publications' information so that she can make sure it is included yearly.

    For further My NCBI information, you can visit NCBI's informational page HERE.




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